Version 7.00 is here!

You asked for it and we did it.
We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Tripz v7.00. This is a milestone release that we’re very proud of.  It adds several brand new modules in the purchasing and operations area to Tripz which allow you to automatically generate purchase requests with suppliers based on customer bookings that you have taken.
Here are the details:

Version 7.00.0110, Released:  01/10/12


  1. We are pleased to introduce brand new purchasing modules to Tripz. Purchasing is organized into 3 new modules, Detail Request Items, Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders.
  2. We have reorganized the Vendors menu to accommodate the new modules. The Vendors menu is now organized into the main headings of Contacts, Operations, Purchasing and Accounts Payable. The new modules in this release are located under the Purchasing menu item.
  3. We have automated the purchasing process for you! When you book a customer or a group on a tour, the items that you need to purchase to fulfill that booking are automatically created for you.  You simply need to make sure that you have already added the items that make up the tour package to the item’s Components tab before you begin taking bookings.
  4. Once the Detail Purchase Request Items have been created, you can sort and group them together using various parameters to assemble a Purchase Request to send to a vendor. With several mouse clicks you can create and email Purchase Requests to your vendors.
  5. You can update, confirm and delete details on your Purchase Requests at any time. They are designed to be very flexible and they will allow changes on the fly.
  6. Once a Request has been confirmed by a vendor, you can post it as a confirmed Purchase Order.  This posts the details to the accounting ledgers and will update the cost of goods sold for that tour. This means that you no longer have to manually post tour expenses as payables in Enter Bill. The system will do it for you automatically and you can check the real-time Profit and Loss for a tour by clicking on the Profit/Loss menu item.
  7. We have created several new custom reports for Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders

Sample New Report

Here is an example of a new report that we can produce with the new Tripz Custom Report Writer.  This is a medical information report from a tour.

Basic Report Writer Screen

Basic Report Writer Screen

Custom Report Writer in Tripz v6.75.0722 is live!

I’m happy to announce that we have released Tripz v6.75.0722 to all of our customers.

We are pleased to introduce the powerful new Tripz Custom Report Writer.

This has been a long time in the making and it is finally here. We have been receiving lots of requests from clients for the ability to create, customize and deploy reports without having to call our programming department.  Well that is now a reality in Tripz.

We can now create flexible, Basic and Advanced reports that can be customized by you, the client.

Report Listing

This brings Tripz reporting to an entirely new level.

We have created a library of new custom reports that you can use in the key areas of the Tour Manifest and TourBuilder.

Let us know what specific reports you may need that are not covered with these.

Chief Tripzer

Tripz v6.5.2910 is live!

I’m happy to announce that we have released Tripz v6.5.2910 to all of our customers.

This is a maintenance release and it provides a few very useful features and fixes.  Here is what is new:

1. We have added the ability for you to edit the quantity of passengers for the main item being booked in the Tour Booking screen.

Change Booking Quantity

This will allow you to book groups with multiple passengers using only one name such as the group leader.

Multiple Units Booked

2. We have added the Middle Name field to the Agent Screen.

3. We have added the date of birth enhancement to the Agent Screen.


We fixed over 20 issues reported by clients. You can see the details in Help –> Release Notes in Tripz.


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